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Claire Azusa
Location: College Point , New York
Country: United States

About Claire Azusa

I\'m a young, sexy , and exotic CD/ TV from Queens, NY. I\'m educated, have a stable and successful career and I live on my own. After 10+ years of dressing up/ building up my wardrobe, I\'ve now decided it\'s time to take this full time :) I\'m an American born Indonesian and I am also Muslim. With that in mind and to put it simply; I love cock, and I seek all older distinguished gentlemen who would like to deliver theirs to me. You MUST have a clean bill of health/excellent hygiene, over 45, and you must be a gentlemen at all times. I am open to something long term, meaning I don\'t mind being your long term secret, or just another one of the girls you may frequent, I would treat this as genuine and loving relationship if things get that far ahead :) I\'m a strict and dedicated 110% bottom only. I have an obsession with sperm and I love public exhibition/play. I have a leash, so maybe I can find a daddy who will take me out for a walk after he ejaculates all over me :) ~~ Please understand that I do PNP, except responsibly and never recklessly. I only PNP by administering it all anally, aka \"booty-bumping\". I have a routine I follow where I PNP to compliment this life, and never the other way around. If this offends you, I apologize in advance being that this is a very sensitive issue.~~ I love Italian daddies and generally most European daddies as well, but recently German Daddies have been driving me wild. This is all due to watching GGG porn, lol. These German daddies are relentlessly comfortable with their sexuality, cumming all over each other while touching each other, dicks and all. I cannot put it into words how much I admire that and even more how much I desire to experience this first hand.

Lastupdated: 2016-05-04

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Telephone: 3477705829
Email: [email protected]

How would you like a hung Ladyboy Girlfriend!

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