The Safe Sex Tour

How the Safe Sex Tour came about:
This tour originated to expose transgender girls in different areas. There are tgirls that are escorts, tgirls looking for men, tgirls with website, tgirls for relationships and tgirls that just travel and perform. Most tgirls are wanted to travel but could only afford it if someone sponsored them. We started this site so tgirls can continue to exist and follow their dreams. We want to get tgirls off the street and in the arms of nice guys. The tour has since expanded to accomodate Men and Girls.

  • This is a way to encourage safe meetings between two people.
  • Sponsorships are suggested to facilitate meetings of the individuals, not sexual services Anything else that happens is between consenting Adults
  • Ultimately the advertisers reserve the right to decide who they want to date
  • Some girls may require a higher sponsorship fee
  • www.safesextour.com and it's owners take no responsibility for claims or actions of advertisers on this site. All dealing are at your own risk.

Donations to support the tour can be made at this address:
Safe Sex Tour
P. O. Box 3971
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

To be listed on our site go to the
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For more details:
[email protected]

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